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London Keshia Kimble

res_1414248478848… a twenty-something city girl with country girl values. She’s a self proclaimed ambitious girl. She believes in talking on any challenge head first. Currently, London is a full time student, studying communications with a concentration in media arts.

She feels these long days and nights of schooling, working and blogging will most certainly pay off for her future career goals. Fashion & fashion blogging to London is more than just something to do it’s her passion. She’s also taken a new interest in Photography which is directly related to fashion as well.

London has many goals that she plans on accomplishing, all while remaining focused and never forgetting her love: The Style Rundown. She can now be found at a local Starbucks near you, sipping on tea, blogging her life away about the latest and greatest in the fashion world or at home nestled in her couch blogging. She believes when you’re given the chance to pursue your passion, no obstacle should prevent a person from giving their all.

Follow London on Twitter – @londonkimble ,  Instagram- @london_k

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