Beauty ?’s Answered: How To Make Eye Shadow Bright and Vibrant


Sarah sent us and email asking : When I finish my eye makeup it won’t seem as bright. Like when I use bright blue it won’t see as bright blue. How can I make it bright? And last long for about 8 hours?

Thank you Sarah for your question, here’s the answer : I would say use a good quality primer, such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or Urban Decay Primer Potion :) The good thing about these two Primers is that they are really good quality, they increase the vibrancy of your eye shadows, preventing creasing and of course, make them last really long! Another good thing is that both these primers come in matte and shimmery finishes in a few shades of colours so you can match it perfectly to your skintone or texture preference. I will attach some links for you to check out these products :) Alternatively, you could use a white cream based product such as NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils ( WHICH I LOVE!!! ) in Milk and Black Bean, which has a white base – this is going to make your eyeshadow brighter, as colour over a white base increases vibrancy! The NYX pencil will also help your eyeshadow stick better, so there’s less creasing and longer wear.

Good luck! Hope I helped! ♥ London

P.S – Both these Primers are relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to spend your savings on a Primer instead of pretty eyeshadows and other makeup! :)

P.S.S – If you want extra longwear, try using a setting spray such as Model in a Bottle Setting Spray or MAC’s FixPlus. However, these are rather pricey (although it’s just a suggestion!) Also, try using eyeshadow that isn’t too cheap and that is good quality, as this will also improve the wear and brightness of your makeup!

Too faced   

Urban Decay


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