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Fall Trend: Hunter Green – Part 1(Women)

Hunter green trend

As Labor Day Marks the unofficial end of summer, that means fall is on its way. Now as much as it saddens me to think summer is leaving us, I’m happy to know that fall fashion will be in full effect. One trend this fall is Hunter Green. This rich pigmented hue is quite versatile and although its not as bright and noticeable at a neon pink its still make just as much of a statement.  Find some inspiration in hunter green above and purchase links are below. Coming up tomorrow we will show this same trend…. but for the men!


Where to Buy: 
1. Class Revival Handbag, Anne Klein, $89
2. Make Yourself Spruce-ful Heel, ModCloth, $39.99
3. Dolman Shirt, Forever 21, $22.80
4. Tan and Hunter Green Bag, T.J. Maxx,
5. Walden Slouchy Sweater, QuickSilver, $69

How to Create The Pefect Ballerina Bun – Hair


One hair style that is all the rage is the the Ballerina Bun! It can be the perfect complement to a chic outfit… but it also can be playful and girly. Best of all its super easy! Have trouble creating the perfect bun… look no further  courtesy of here are some tip w/ pic to have you bun reading in no time!





Directions: 1. Spray a thickening product throughout the entire head and pull hair into a high ponytail on the very top of the head. Tie with a dark or clear elastic.
2. Take a small, finger-sized section of the ponytail and backcomb/ tease to create lots of volume. Continue to do this in small sections, working your way through the entire ponytail.
3. Take the “volumized” ponytail and loosely wrap it around the elastic. Secure on all sides with hair pins and spray entire head with hair spray

Hair: How To Do Pretzel Braid


1. First start with dry hair and then use the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo and spray it on the roots from a 6 to 7 inch distance, dividing the hair in one inch wide sections to give the braid the necessary texture for it not to be slippery.

2. After using the dry shampoo, separate hair into two sections and make two pigtails, using rubber bands. Make them a bit higher up on your head in the back section.

3. Now, braid the two pigtails and secure them with a transparent hair band. Then, cut the top rubber bands from the pigtails, so only the ones that are holding the braids together remain.

4. Cross one braid over the other. Starting with the braid that’s now on top, create sort of a “C” shape and pin. It doesn’t have to be precise, you just want to have a nice curve shape from the braid.

5. Repeat the same step by making the same curved shape with the other braid and pin. Curve it up and over the top of the braid you just pinned down.

6. Ultimately, you want to get a nice sort of pretzel or knot shape from the two braids. Tuck the ends of both braids behind the knot and pink them down securely.

7. To maintain the updo, spray some Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Extra Hold Hairspray.

Beauty: Josie Maran Argan Oil..Miracle Cure All!!!

new josie FI


This all natural pure argan oil is a multi-tasking, moisturizing, miracle cure-all for every inch of your body!  I was offered a sample of this in the mall a few days ago and fell in LOVE!  It can be used to benefit your face, hair, toes and everything in between!  Its 100% pure and 100% organic..for all our tree huggers out there!! :-)  Try lathering some in your hair after its washed and placing a few drops on your dry spots! Trust me…you might fall in love too! Available at Sephora stores.

If you like Josie Maran’s products..check out what else she has to offer! Argan MatchMaker Serum Foundation and skin Illumininzer (works like bronzer but less intense).


Source: Google images


Hair- Men Trends 2012


Are you a man looking for a new way toe rock your strands? Well lately I’ve notice men are embracing length, height and the past. Many celebrities such as Miguel and Justin Beiber have gone for more retro, 1950’s looks.  Also celebs like Zac Efforon have been rocking the same updated look of a suave pompadour. While R&B crooners like Usher  and Sammie have revamped the Mohawk to a modern and masculine look with a wild but trim beard. Dare to be adventurous? Take your pick!


Get These Curls : Nume 4 Play Curling Wand Review-Video


Need help curling you hair? These Nume Wands are the ANSWER!

Nume Link:
Glam Bag:

Fashionista Watch: Elizabeth Olsen

red eo

Elizabeth Olsen is no stranger to the Hollywood lights and top of the line clothes! Busting onto the scene, the 22-year-old starred in the chilling film Silent House, she proving to be a great performer and fashion trend setter.  Here she is on the April 2012 issue of VS magazine doing her thing!

VS magazine April issues 2012

Arriving on the Red Carpet Elizabeth struts in a flashy TopShot tiger printer long-sleeved shirt.

Fresh from the Emilio Pucci spring/summer 2012 collection she wears a light yellow lace embroidered long sleeve cocktail dress.  Stopping for pictures at the 17th Annual Critics Choice Awards…she looks great! Tip:  your cocktail dress (especially for summer/spring) doesn’t always have to be black!  This style dress is great for all figures and the unique design on the sides hilights your waist and hips and gives you asymmetrical look. 

Style Watch: Ombre Trend


A recent trend that has be reemerging is the Ombre! Ombre’s definition is a color effect which is changeable in shade from light to dark.


This trend was most recently popularized in hair :

Kiki Palmer                 Style maven @thomasadrianna    Shanae Grimes

Now the ombre trends are hitting nails! It can be done two ways the 1st is each color has a different shade of one color family. Starting with the darkest on the thumb going light and lighter until you reach your pinkie.  The 2nd way is all on 1 finger… the darkest shade will fade in the lighter on one one nail.

1st technique

2nd technique

The spring Ombre trends in clothing will be a fun fresh way to spunk up  outfits.

Congrats! Jay- Z and Beyonce Welcome Baby Girl Blue Ivy Carter


The always Fab Beyonce and her Husband welcomed a  baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday 01/07/12. We  want to show our love and congratulations through a style montage of Beyonce.