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Purple/Blue Eyeshow Look


Here a Makeup Tutorial I filmed in December… Took me Forever to upload!

Here are the Products I used: NYX eyeshadow bade – White, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, BH Cosmetics 1 edition pallette

Be Sure to check it out! Also Check out the Youtube ( ) page for other The Style Rundown Content!


Makeup Bag: Highlight and Contouring Like Kim Kardashian


If your familiar with The Style Rundown or follow me on Instagram(@londonkimble) you know I love all things makeup. By no means am I am I a  lady who wears makeup everyday, I just have too much to do in one day. Although my days maybe filled to the brim I’m still a makeup lover and studier.  Regardless of how you make feel about her, Kim Kardashian’s makeup is ALWAYS on point. Recently, on her blog she gave us a glimpse of how she achiever her high cheekbones and exotic look with the use of make up.

Contouring is a makeup technique that utilizes concealer or non shimmer bronzer to help change the shape of your face. It can elongate your profile, raise your cheekbones, soften, make your nose smaller, etc. When done correctly, contouring accentuates the positive attributes of your facial features and gives you a ready for the camera look. Contouring combined with highlighting allows for you to change the shape and highlight the features you want to highlight.

The pro contouring  and highlight was done by makeup impresario Scott Barnes, and he takes us through the contouring process with Kim, displaying how she goes from reg to fab!

Check out the pictures below:

Covered:Solange Knowles for Elle South Africa November 2012


Check out the always fashionable Solange Knowles covers November 2012 Issueof Elle – South Africa. She’s working those mixes prints!

Five Maxi Dresses Under $50

Lately, in the Northeast we’ve been experiencing a heat wave! Its been scorching! One of my favorite clothing items to wear is the always comfortable maxi dress! It easy to put on and easy to accessories and most importantly its cool! Below are 5 maxi dress for the lady on a budget!

1. River Island Chelsea Maxi Dress, Asos, $40
2. Chiffon Tie-Front Maxi, Old Navy, $19
3. Knit Maxi, Piperlime, $39
4. A U Wish Belted Maxi, jcpenney, $30
5. Calvin Klein Stripe Maxi, Nordstrom, $47

Style For Less: Ray Ban Love!

rb FI


Tomorrow is the first day of summer and we all need to be ready for the summer ‘Ray’s’! Admiring these expensive shades from afar is not something that we all have to do.  searching around I noticed that Nordstrom and Ebay, has them for less than $80!!  Wether you rock the classic black (above), the aviator look or the thick red frames….Ray Ban has a style for everyone! (Can get them waayy cheaper)


Source: Google images;above website

Style ? Answered: Fashionable Plus Sized


While at Girls Night Out, I was talking with a young lady who was wondering  how to shop plus size and still be current and hip.  So here are some Tips for the Plus Sized Ladies Out there! Enjoy!

Fashion Trends: Black Framed Geek Glasses: Men’s Edition



Wether you need a prescription or not, geek glasses seem to be growing on EVERYONE!  Some of our fav guy celebs rock them with their gentleman looks, which consists of a sweater and collard shirt or a suit.  Or you can rock them with your fav graphic T and jeans to dress them down, either way they make a statement and mix it up!


Beauty: Pixi Cosmetics @ Target

pixi FI


As I’m sure most of us LOVE Target, we know that they carry all major cosmetic brands.  Although while shopping there the other day, I stumbled upon this new (to me) product called Pixi.  This line caught my eye due to two things, one, the price ($9-30) and two, the subtleness in the colors and pallets.  For the girls out there that like to wear make-up but like a more natural look, this line is something that you might want to try!  Affordable and diverse, Pixi is high on my new make-up list! Avail at Target stores.


How To: 5 Ways To Rock Shorts With Tights

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m Sure you’ve seen the shorts with tights look. Its a great way to use existing item in your wardrobe for a new look!  If you wanna try this look here are some tips, but be sure just like any outfit your body adorns be sure to rock with CONFIDENCE BABY! So don’t be afraid to pair shorts and tights to create amazing, one of a kind outfits. Continue reading for Tips and pics!

Style & Fashion: Open-Knit Sweaters From Forever21

knit sweaters


As we all know and love Forever21, the weather right now is perfect for open-knit sweaters.  These stylish see thorough tops can be worn a few different ways and can vamp up any tank!  Some can worn off the shoulder or with longer sleeves.  When it’s not too hot but hot enough to rock something lighter, consider rocking one of these!  Pair it with your fav jeans or shorts…you can’t go wrong!  Available in great colors it can add a softness to your look without losing the edginess that you might be trying to convey. |


Style & Fashion: Super Cute Cutt-off’s

cut offs


If you haven’t started you official summer shopping yet, cute-off’s are a MUST!  The great thing about these jean short is they can worn a little dressier with high boots and a nice blouse or more casually with a graphic T and tennis shoes and or sneakers.  Which ever way you decide to rock it…your winning!  A couple great affordable places that I have seen shorts is Mashalls and Target..all under $25!


Source: Google images

Style Watch: Ivanka Trump Handbags


Ivanka seems to have a nack for shiny glittery things! Her line of classy bags provide a great way to add a touch of chic to your look!   And who doesn’t like to just have a new bag just because!! :-)  Based on some reviews I read online, they seem to be pretty durable and nicely made.  Not creasing after excessive use is also a plus!  Fairly priced and available at Macy’s or Nordstroms, take a peak at what Mrs. Trump has to offer!!




Source: Google images