Dressing Your Body: Creating A Waistline


Many of us are blessed to have hour glass figures… for those of us who aren’t here are some tips on creating a waistline which instantly slims.

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1.Buy shaped jackets. Nothing helps a waist look pronounced like a jacket that is nipped in at the waist and shaped by princess seams. Princess seams on a jacket skim a thick waist, giving the illusion of curves. Avoid boxy jackets and those made from billowy, flowing material, which make your waistline look bigger.

2.Try low-waisted pants. Pants with a shorter rise (between the crotch and waistband) put emphasis on your hips, which in turn makes your waist look smaller. Be sure you low-waisted pants fit well, however; muffin tops are no fun. But I think it’s okay to muffin a little when you’re sitting. It’s impossible to avoid that( just make sure it covered )

3.Wear flared or A-line skirts. Skirts with a flared hem and those with an A-line shape skim over your body. They give your hips a curvier look, which makes your waist look smaller as a result.  A-line skirt can be worn at various lengths me personally I like them above the knee. Avoid too tight pencil skirts, which highlight a straight body shape.

4.Wear dresses with built-in shape. A straight dress will emphasize your thick waist, but a dress with some shape gives the illusion of some curves in all the right places. Shift dresses with darts at the hips and bust and empire-waist dresses are two to try. If you have a straight dress but need to add shape try adding a shaped jacket or belt.

5.Focus on your shoulders. You are not a man, but wider shoulders mean a smaller waistline. Go for tops with wide necklines (boat necks, open button-down shirts and cowl necks). No shoulder pads unless you are completely without shoulders.


Here are a few pointers on creating waist line… Enjoy!

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