Fashion Forward: The BEST of 2012 Makeup Trends

red lip 2012



As the warmer months are fast approaching its time to change over from our sweaters, boots, hats and gloves.  This spring/summer  put your best face forward with the rising makeup trends of 2012. This look above I like personally a lot….its a nice simple clean face, not too much make and your ‘it’ factor is the cherry red lip!  It exudes sophistication and class to say the least.  Here are two great picks for pulling off your red lip, Revlon and Top Shop rosy shades….both under $12!  Read MOORREE


In addition to the clean and simple look that you can achieve with makeup this summer, makeup stylist Bobbi Brown has really made a name for herself. ‘Nude’ is a line of featured neon and neutral colors of all kind from shadow to lip gloss.  Paving the way, Brown is sure to capture the attention of many this season as you creatively apply her eye-catching products.  ‘Nude’ is avail at beauty

Ooh the statements you can make with eye shadow! I recently purchased a blending brush for my eye shadow and it was like a whole new word.  The blending brush has finer and soft bristles than your application brush and it makes a WORLD of difference!  Here you can see the use of multiple colors. Something like this is great for a night on the town of for that dramatic outfit you’ve been waiting to rock!

Looking for something a little daring. Well hear you go! Try this look….I call it cat eyes. lol You can achieve this best by liquid eye liner but it if you favor the regular kind, that’s fine too.  To get nice creased lines, after applying fold a paper towel into a small square and use corner to drag liner upward.

Leona Lewis is a PRO at this! Or at least her makeup artist is!

Next to having great shadow and liner, you can’t forget about your lovely lashes.  Spotted here Christina and Kim aka the lash queens! We all know that they show off their thousand dollar lash extensions, but for the rest of us all you really need for length is a  lengthening mascara! Tip: Apply, then let dry and apply again


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