How to Create The Pefect Ballerina Bun – Hair


One hair style that is all the rage is the the Ballerina Bun! It can be the perfect complement to a chic outfit… but it also can be playful and girly. Best of all its super easy! Have trouble creating the perfect bun… look no further  courtesy of here are some tip w/ pic to have you bun reading in no time!





Directions: 1. Spray a thickening product throughout the entire head and pull hair into a high ponytail on the very top of the head. Tie with a dark or clear elastic.
2. Take a small, finger-sized section of the ponytail and backcomb/ tease to create lots of volume. Continue to do this in small sections, working your way through the entire ponytail.
3. Take the “volumized” ponytail and loosely wrap it around the elastic. Secure on all sides with hair pins and spray entire head with hair spray

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