How To Mix Prints

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One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe is to mix your prints. This look can be tricky but is an amazing tool for creating and revamping your wardrobe once you have mastered the techniques. Continue reading for tips on how to to mix prints!


One of the tricks that works with other prints that is not necessarily true of florals is mixing big with small. Florals can handle big with big and small with big, but beware of going overboard on small with small. A little in contrasting colors is fine, but too much will boggle peoples’ eyes. Another trick with florals is to consider more than just basic clothing items – shoes, jewelry, bags and belts can look great with a floral pattern. If you go for something big however like floral pants/jeans, be sure not to mix in more florals, since the floral will take up too much body area. Florals can take stripes, plaid, ikat and other line patterns really well, but dots, animal print, and more florals can be tricky (but they’re still possible!!).


Dots are fun, but can look childish if they’re overwhelming. Keep other patterns relatively clean, and try to avoid dots on dots or dots on leopard print. Colors that compliment each other and don’t make for too busy a palette are always good, and neutrals seem to work especially well with dots. When doing florals and dots, go for one bold and one small, to help differentiate between the two, and make sure any other print such as hearts, birds, etc doesn’t look too┬ásimilar to your dots.

Last but not least come stripes. Stripes are the chameleon of the print mixing world. they can be mixed with each other, or with any other pattern in existence. Animal print, abstract print, and florals all go with stripes. In fact, putting stripes between two prints that normally wouldn’t go well together, such as animal print and florals, can make the outfit work.

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