How To Wear A Tee Shirt The Stylish Way


Do you have a favorite graphic tee or just a super comfy one that you would love to wear while looking fab and stylish?? Well here’s your solution. We have compiled some great tips on how to rock your favorite T.

1. Try adding a Jacket. The is one of the easy ways to spruce up your favorite T-Shirt…. dont have a jacket you feel works cardigans are a good alternative!

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2. Another easy way to wear a t-shirt and still look cute is to tuck it into a skirt. It makes the -shirt cute enough for a date but it isnt too fancy and its still comfy! Pair this look with wedges — stilettos can look strange with something as casual as a graphic tee (but if you feel it works…WORK IT!) —  to finish add a  fedora and statement ring.

3. Androgynous Look . To achieve this look  your favorite T with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a few deliberately placed menswear accessories. Items like beanies, classic leather belts, different pairs of casual shoes, and menswear timepieces. You’ll look casual and comfy, but refined!

4. Pair it with a Vest. Denim vest are all the rage and add a bit of fun unexpected flare to and outfit! Paired with skinny jeans and a great pair of fun earrings you cant go wrong!

5. Pair it with a Maxi Skirt! this look come inspired by none only than Carrie Bradshaw! One way to make good use out of your maxi skirt is to pair it with a t-shirt. Make sure the tee isn’t too busy, and knot it right where the skirt begins for an ultra-chic look. Finish the outfit with a headscarf, classy ring, and ballet flats.

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