Inspired: Ansel Adams

ansel adams..tree

As most of you already know the great Ansel Adams only shot his photos in black and white.  But looking at this photo below you can understand that some subjects are better with out color.  Shooting something in black  and white allows other elements to truly come through in a picture.  Here you can see the shadow, contrast in the grey’s and whites as well as the texture of the tree (tree pix by Adams). Taking pictures outside requires little to no flash depending on the strength of the natural light your already getting. Taking multiple shots is also important in the respect that you can often see the change in the shift of the natural sunlight and maybe on your third or fourth try you will get the perfect shot that speaks to you! A native of San Francisco Ansel Adams was not only an amazing photographer but a passionate environmentalist as well. Discovering his passion for photographing nature, Adams often used the fruit of the land to his advantage “colored and modulated by the great earths gesture”.  Nature doesn’t charge you per hour to have it photographed….so take a hike with your camera and send me what you come up with!


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