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Coming a long way from MTV’s Runs House, Diggy Simmons is now a posh, positive message giving artist that has a great eye for style. Finishing his new album Unexpected Arrival, debuting March 20th, he is simply paving his own way and making it clean to the world that he means business.  Creating original looks through his own personal style, Diggy admires some fashionable trend-setters like  Pharell and Kayne.  In an exclusive interview with T.Strong, Mr. Simmons explained were he gets his inspiration for what he wears everyday ” just be yourself and simply express who you are through your clothes”.  Well he does just that….and he does it well! Heres the RunDown

This classic gentelmens jacket paired with a fun young flannel shows just how creative he can be!

This has to be my fav look! This sophisticated rain jacket and wool hat really set the tone for style!


For the more break down of Diggy’s Style Continue reading.

Cant forget the kicks! A pair for all outfits.

Looking dapper in this ensemble here is a breakdown of his outfit:

1. Rugby Newberry hino jacket $178

2. Rugby solid university oxford $60

3. Jockey stripe bow tie $50

4. Nudie jeans slim jim cold demin $249 Needsupply.com

5. Brooks brothers silk pocket square $35

6. Banana Republic leather belt $50

7. Band of outsiders men chukka $249 Sperry.com

 Diggy certified Retrosupertune glasses…..to help lessen the flashing lights from the paparazzi!


We know how much our loyal RunDown fans love varsity jackets, so here is one that is versatile and unique.

Available in black and red or white and red, these Nike Air Jordan infrared 6 sneakers are worth splurging on! $310

Diggy on 106 n Park sporting his super clean Jordans!

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