LookBook: Jump From Winter To Spring

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I don’t know about anyone else….but my skin and closet are screaming for warm weather!  Haven’t started the hunt for spring/summer outfits?  Well I was browsing the mall (as usual) in search of some inspiration and a great sale of course, and I bumped into about 3 different girls sport floral print jumpsuits.  Now I know what your thinking..that this piece is very summary, BUT it can still be rocked in the cool weather! Heres how. Select the jumpsuit of your choice which will bring forth the spring feel, but the best part is you can pair up the suite with a jean jacket, your fav heels and a cute clutch…and you have just created a new look for almost nothing.  Now your average jumpsuit will run you about $35-50 dollars, but again its one of those investment pieces that I’m sure you’ll get your moneys worth out of it. Shop for your suit at H&M, Forever21, BEBE or even Macy’s. On the flip side, as the warm weather approaches, simply ditch the jean jacket, keep the sexy heels (dahh) and like many of our fav celebs you have a rockin outfit that speaks in colors volumes! Above: Courtney K, Blake Lively, Kim K and Kate Hudson.

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Courtney K, Blake Lively, Kim K, and Kate Hudson…..all doing it RIGHT!

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