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Debuting March 8th, Italian designer Consuelo Castiglioni will have her spring line labeled Marni, available for the world to wear in your local H&M stores world-wide!  Consuelo is known for her abstract shapes and vivid colors.  The line is defiantly something to check out.  If it doesn’t look your style right away, trust me, be patient and take another look.  A lot of the pieces can be paired with something that you already own.  The line is open to both male and female.  So if you see something that sparks your interest but it is on the opposite side…go for it…and have the confidence to rock it!  The new line is also a favorite of  some fashion forward celebs like Julia Roberts, Kate Bosworth and Ann Hathaway.


Marni is versatile debuting different patterns, flower print, different fabric mixtures and eye-catching color! These looks…fresh off the runway and into the stores!

These are the garments that i would pair with something from your closet, that being a solid.  Adding a Marni piece to your ensemble will sure to make your outfit POP!

Women accessories. Bags averaging about $80, heels $99 and various jewelry $39.95

Marni: Men. The men’s collection is composed of business attire, mixed material jackets and fitted pants.  All of which can be mixed a matched to create TONS of looks!

Accessories for men on the move!


Consuelo Castiglioni


Source: H&M.com/Marni


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