Photography: Hot Spot’s To Snap Your Pix This Summer




Here are a few suggestions on some great places to venture out with your camera.  One of my favorite places to not only take picture but just to be would be the city.  Filled with diverse people and an aray of various outlooks, a city (perhaps Boston above) would be a fantastic place to walk around and see what captures your eye.  I can’t imagine that after wondering around downtown or the North End that you would leave empty handed!  Note: When walking around such a crowed area, I suggest that you make you have a lanyard around your camera so that you can hang it from you neck if need be!

Photo Credit: Alex Turner Photography

If your not really comfortable with the city and rather go more green, consider maybe talking a walk through your local park.  Not only is that exercise, but working with natural elements, I find more stimulating in a sense that it requires more patients for you to notice something ‘picture worthy’.  In a way it kind of trains your eye to think out of the box and try and to view something in an abstract way.


Lastly, who do you know that doesn’t like a good carnival?  Well if you don’t have to drag our little brother or sister around then your local carnival or fair can have some great photo opportunities waiting for you.  Alive and thriving with all the bright colors and lights, those elements alone can make for a really great picture.  Make sure you have your shutter speed high so you can catch the fast pace movement of the rides and people.


Source: Google images

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