Photograpy of The Style Rundown: Boston Fashion Week 2012


I had the pleasure of attending The Tent at Boston Fashion Week on Saturday(of fashion week). The location was stunning and the staff at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel was AMAZING. I attended the shows of three designers who enchanted me. The first designer Avni Trivedi took me on a tribal journey complete with a tribal drum quartet. Her pieces were lose and flowy and quite airy. The next designer was Luke Aaron who was by far my favorite. His dresses reminded me of a modern day Jackie O. They were romantic yet sexy. They were refined yet youthful… if I ever have a red carpet event to attend… I will be wearing Luke Aaron for sure!  The last designer was Victoria Dominguez-Bagu her designs were fun and flirty and very reminiscent of summer and spring. Her garment were tailor made to the girls and looked great.  One model in her show had a strut that ultra sexy! All the designers had well finished garments, and they all wowed in different ways!

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