Fashion- & beauty related PR inquiries are welcome. accepts product samples from PR companies and designers for blog reviews, but please contact us  first in order to make sure what you have to offer aligns with our audience and personal styles.

If you want to sponsor a giveaway, feel free to Contact US  or shoot us and email at

You are welcome to send clothing, jewelry, handbags, beauty products and other related samples to fashion & style for review. Be aware that we cannot guarantee to feature and/or review your sample in a specified time frame. In fact, you must understand that we reserve the right to not review your product at all if for any reason we determine that it cannot be reviewed. Furthermore, you do understand that we fully disclose to our readers that we’ve been provided with sample products from manufacturers or PR reps.

We love to working with honest and respectable companies who care about their brand and their customers and understand that constructive feedback is a possibility to become even better at what they do. We love to test out new products and have had very positive feedback from merchants and companies who sent their products for us to review.

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