Real vs. Steal – Céline Cabas Zip Tote


Super Model Miranda Kerr has been seen with this bag, I’ll be modest and say a few times lol. It nice to see a celebrity wear something more than once. I must say it’s a very cute tote. It big enough to fit everything in it that a girl may need for long day….. The price tag is a little steep! It retails at 1,200. If you have it to spend be my guest. Otherwise, I have some great steal options below( & they include colors too)!

Forever 21 Zipped Tote

Its no match to the quality of the Celine Cabas Zip Tote, but if your not looking to spend alot of money, but want the style this bag is the one for you!


MANGO TOUCH Bag Zippercj
($44.99, MANGO)

P.S.: Also available at MANGO UKls (£29.99).

Hallhuber Zipper Tote

Hallhuber Zipper Tote
(€59.95, Hallhuber)

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