Style and Fashion: Top Off Your Look

common in vest



For the fellas….there a plenty of ways to wear all your favorite types of hats. Here you have the stylish Common who seems to always know the right mix of fabric and colors. Don’t shy away from a cap when sporting collar shirts and or vests. Since you guys can’t accessorize as much as us girls, adding a cap to your dressed up clothes can be the perfect fit














I’m going to have to say this is my favorite type of hat! The beanie will never go out of style! This versatile lid is the warmest and one size fits most (for my big heads out there)! lol When trying to dress down but can’t leave your favorite hat behind the beanie is always a great choice. Rapper Wale rocks his Jordan beanie and zip up like its his job!







For our more daring types we have a fedora like hat that can played up or down..which ever you like. Clearly actor Brian White makes this hat look AMAZING! These hats can be worn with a plain or graphic t-shirt or even in the summer try it with a tank. It can add a touch sophistication without being too serious!

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