Style & Fashion: Incorporate LACE!!!

lace FI


If this spring or summer your are gunning for a more girly look, adding lace to the equation can really up the anti!  I absolutely LOVE lace trimming on the cuff of my blouse of the hemline on my skirts.  The added touch can give off a vintage, baby doll kind of feel.  It not only diversify’s that specific piece, but it can also be seen as a built in accessory!  Anything to add some flair and make you stand apart from the crowd (in a good way) is always a plus! :-)  If your not a huge fan but would still like to try this look, start off small, by just adding limited touches here and there.  On the other hand if you are pro lace, then I recommend keeping lace high on your wardrobe must have list!  Here are a few examples below. Enjoy!

Sleek runway looks

My FAVORITE!!!! Available at

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