Style For Less & Get This Look: Cassie



So we all know the daring Cassie and all that she rocks. Featured in this post are the versatile looks that she pulls off and some suggestions as to were you can get the same look but for LESS!  All in one she is elegant in her LBD (little black dress), edgy in her spiky jean jacket or casual in her outfit when she touched down in Puerto Rico!  Leave some comments and let me know what you guys think! Enjoy! Read MOORREE….

The softer side of Mrs. Cassie.  Second dress (LBD) never gets old and will NEVER go out of style.  Heres one from for only $60 with some added accessories in which you can play up or down..depending on the occasion.



Casual and comfortable!

Bad ass and beautiful at the same time….very important to accomplish at least once in a while! Heres a jean jacket below that can be bought at H&M for $25! That’s a steel!!!!!

This has to be my FAV type of dress! A simple V-neck, nude color with a cut out statement masterpiece designed on the back. Tip: If you have long hair and want to rock this, wear hair up and give the back the attention it deserves; also accessorize lightly!


Source:;H&;Google images 



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