Style For Less: Giuseppe Zanotti I26208 Frida Mirrored Stiletto Pumps


Giuseppe Zanotti I26208 Frida Mirrored Stiletto Pumpsamazon
($650, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Zapposcj, Saksls, Neiman Marcusls, Bergdorf Goodmanls, Bloomingdale’sls, Forzierils, Farfetchls & Stylebopls.

How hot are these heel?! This is why I’m in love with Giuseppe Zanotti! Sure, with its high vamp these look extremely painful to walk in, but us women we don’t wear high heels for the comfort factor, now do we? If I had a spare $650 laying around, I’d so have bought these fire red darlings already! If you want a look similar check out some style for less options below!

How about an almost perfect looking Zanotti twin by Steve Madden? The design is staggeringly similar; I’d even say it’s an almost indistinguishable 1:1 copy of the super sexy Zanotti stiletto pump. I think I finally figured out what I want for christmas… (no, not a man, Mariah, but shoes, of course; and these in particular). Get them as well before they sell out which I predict to happen very quickly.


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