Style Fresh- Dena from Boston,Ma


For this week’s spotlight we have Dena also know as Rocket from Boston, Ma.  Dena describes her style as an Urban Rocker.

Her style is marked by distinctiveness and originality.  Others describe her fashion sense as a mix of fearless, fierce, chic with a splash of out of this world. For Dena getting dress is an adventure; it excites her to see what creation she will conjure up. A key aspect of the original style is her “No Mirror” approach. Ms. Rocket doesn’t care where her clothes come from as long as they are fab. To her one of the kind finds and shoes are like gold. Rocket draws a lot of inspiration from the military, Hirajuku style, vintage and modern fashion. Some celebrities that inspire her are Rhianna and Grace Jones.  She also enjoys current fashion but makes sure she rocks it the Rocket way. Her motto is Step outside the box, and dare to be different.


Rocket works with Rebel Clothing comprised of two stylists, Rocket and Smallie and a designer and seamstress, Rebel. Rocket and her partner Smallie are on their way breaking out in the styling world and spreading fashion affordably to everybody. They are new in the styling scene, but they’re individual style is attracting consideration from many local artist and “Average Joes” ready for a night on the town.


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