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It is with my most sincere pleasure that I present this weeks  Style Fresh . I’m a huge fan and honored that she gave us a moment of her time. For this weeks Style Fresh we have the Youtube Sensation  ERIKA DAVID!! She started on the tube but her career is on the fast track to success!

Her career started off on YouTube, She did videos for fun. Covering and remixing my favorite songs and such.  She entered a contest and won the Colgate Max Fresh singing competition.   She got the chance to perform at the Z100’s Jingle Ball and meet/record with Bryan Michael Cox.  After a year or so of making videos and finding her manager through YouTube, She realized she could do this as a career and HERE SHE IS!

So Erika tell us about yourself:  I love sushi. I pretty much like anything/everything cheetah or leopard – same thing to me. :) I love accessories. I have a ring and necklace fetish. I am a shoe whore. I don’t really have a favorite color.  I love my family. I have an older brother.  I used to be a twin – my sister, died of crib death at 14 months. I love my teacup yorkie, King.  My birthday is November 22nd.  I am on the cusp of a Scorpio/Sagittarius.  I love my iPhone.  I love instagram.  And I love my fans always. :)

What is your style inspired by?: My style is inspired by so many things. random things.  Like I said, I don’t have a favorite color.  I’m a fan of all colors so to say.  But I do tend to wear neutral colors on a regular basis with a touch of color with my accessories.  I also tend to like gold, rose gold more than silver jewelry.  Accessories, accessories, accessories.  Big thing for me.  Again, I love cheetah and leopard.  I love fur as well.  Faux fur I prefer.  I love anything high waist.  I think its sexy and classy.  I love sheer, lace and leather.  There isn’t a specific person I look up to or find inspiration from but off the top of my head, I would say that I love Rihanna’s sense of fashion.  I appreciate her in all aspects, fashion and music wise.  Some designers that I do admire are Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Jeffrey Campbell, Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, and Michael Kors.

What is Fashion to you ?: Fashion is an expression of freedom.  An expression of my personality.  Fashion is a way to express yourself creatively.  It can also express an emotion.  Sometimes I want to be cute.  Some days sexy.  Other days just chill.  Sometimes I take it seriously and sometimes its fun to dress up a bit out of MY norm.   

For More on Ms. David Career and her videos’s Continue Reading !

How did your career get its jumpstart? : New York became my second home and I began to record original music. I had a chance to open up for many amazing artists such as Lady Gaga, Brandy and Jay Sean. I started to travel frequently and perform at events and shows nationwide and soon after worldwide.  All around California, Illinois, New York, Florida, Texas to Canada, Australia and Qatar.  I released my first single and music video in July of 2009 called “My Heels.”  Summer of 2010, I signed with a production company that works heavily with Jay Sean.  As I worked alongside with the company, I was also travelling and performing at numerous events. Unfortunately after a year, things didn’t end up the way it planned and the company and I went our separate ways.  In August of 2011, I released another single, “Lemme Go” which was produced by a fellow youtube friend/ SoSo Def producer, Mike Kalombo.  All this time, I was working on my first album and in November of 2011, I released “Under The Covers” EP.  The EP has been a success thus far and am set to make music videos for all 8 original tracks.  As of now, I am currently working on my next mixtape, my music videos, more gigs, and a “A Night Under the Covers” tour for the EP.

Tell us about your goal and dreams for the future: My goals/wishes for the upcoming year:  a new mixtape or 2, new collabs, hopefully ;) (i.e. Big Sean, Tyga, Diggy, Drake) more videos, an accessory line, LONDON, ASIA, a new look, and a new me :)

Check out some Videos:



Again, We thank Erika David for her time and we wish you much continued success! And we counting down the days for the accessory line! Stay Dreaming, Keep Pushing because its happening and were proud of you!

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