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While cursing through the web aka the mall! lol I found these cool and amazing earrings. They are super lightweight despite their appearance and there will only be 10 of them made. So if you want ‘em you got to get ‘em quick! and the price isn’t bad either they can be yours for just $45. Tip: When wearing a bold piece, whether it be a necklace, earrings or even an item of clothing, its important to let that piece shine. Don’t over do .Want to know where to get them… Continue Reading below

They can be found at Olori SWANK. is the online store of Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Kraze Magazine Fashion Director, and Fashion Blogger: Olori SWANK. Each item sold is hand-picked by Olori herself and we only sell one of each item. If you see something you like we suggest you grab it fast! The premise of the e-boutique is to provide super fashionable, gently worn (…& designer vintage) items at significantly lower prices than you might find anywhere else in the world.


I think the earrings are cool and trendy!

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