Style Watch: Hot Pants…Colored Shorts!

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This spring and summer make sure you have at least one of these babies to liven up your look instantly!  This has to be the easiest way to brighten up your look no matter what top or accessories you choose!  Color can express your mood and even complement your skin tone, so do take some consideration when selecting a certain pair!  If you’re not sure which color is right…take a friend you can trust with you to give u their honest opinion or stay tuned later for more tips and tricks! REEAADD MOOORREE….

Colored pants of any length!

Beach bum look! For those lazy days when you spend  alllll day near the water!  When you looking for maximum comfort but still donna show off your inner fashionista!

For more on Pant of Color… continue  reading

Two must have colors! Both compliment greens and light yellows!

Absolutely in love with this outfit! High-waisted shorts elongate your legs and hide anything extra around the middle.  Giving you that polish and put together look.  This turquoise, dark denim and navy blue color combination is genius!


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