Style Watch: Land Of Lauren

lauren london

I don’t know what you guys think but this girl can make almost anything look great! Lauren London spotted on the Red Carpet looking fab in a cocktail dress with some flair!  The “rules” of how to wear your little black dress still apply as you can see, but you can always add something signature about yourself to make it pop, whether it’s a great  hair style or finding a dress that shows off your tats!  As you can see not all cocktail dresses have to be straight lined or plain. Play it up with a shoe that craves attention and or accessorize your heart out! The basic color is a play ground for the rest of your creativity to shine.


Lauren Conrad has always been one to have something casual but cute on.  Her clothing line (avail at Khols) was loosely based on her outlook on comfort mixed with style. Here she clearly demonstrates how to do so! The magic that a black blazer can create is endless.  Just like the little black dress, a blazer can be worn a hundred different ways for a lot of different occasions. Just pairing it with your favorite T, flats and/or heels, you have a great look for virtually and occasion. You always want to look your best even if your just running to the post office! Enjoy!


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