Style Watch: Printed Sunglasses


The #1 summer accessory is are the Shades! Lately, sunglasses are getting very unique and out of the box.  If your in the market to make your shades stand out you gotta pick up a pair of printed sunglasses! These sunglasses by no means are meant to replace your classic glasses  (wayfarers, cat-eye & aviators) but the would be a great addition to the family.

Don’t understand the printed sunglasses trend? Think of it like this: Sunglasses are an accessory and just like we have statement necklaces and rings… sunglasses are no exception!

Products: 1. $11.99 at Modcloth, 2. $5.80 at Charlotte Russe, 3. $39.99 at Modcloth, 4. $5.80 at Forever 21, 5. $9.99 at PacSun, 6. $12.00 at Fred Flare, 7. $32.00 at Topshop, 8. $5.50 at Charlotte Russe

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