Style Watch: Whitney Eve Clothing Line

whit port..omg

Whitney Port sure is making a name for herself.  Paving the way from MTV to earning her spot on the runway with own clothing line, Mrs. Port sure knows how to get it done! As some of you may know she started off on the hit series “The Hills” along side Lauren Conrad working as an intern at Teen-Vogue.  By 2008 Whit had her own spin-off called “The City”. The cameras followed her through every moment in her love life, friendships and developing career.  Fast forward to present day, Mrs. Port has a fantastic line that features creamy pastels, interesting prints and every day essentials. I simply love her line due to the fact that its very versatile in a sense that you can find something whether your going on an interview or to a night club!  Her attention to detail and the sometimes highlighting the simplicity of an item is amazing! In addition to her line, Whitney has also penned a book “True Whit”, acting as a young-womans guide in relationships, decorating, cooking and of course fashion. Whitney Eve avail at Target (super affordable)! Enjoy!

Above some great pieces fresh off the runway and into the stores for us!

Love the fur cut off and the high laced boots! Easily pair any of these items with something you already own and poof….new outfit!

Avail at Barnes and Noble $15



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