Supra Womens Sneaker Line


I ♥  Supra. And the sneakers brand is back with a cool surprise for the summer, the announcement of their first ever, women footwear line ! Wrap, Society, Skytop, Vaider & Belay are reviewed in a feminin style to fit perfectly for a girls feet ! And to launch the collection with panache, Supra is teaming up with A-Morir eyewear brand for a limited edition of high tops. Check out the lookbook in the article & enjoy some shopping on Supra’s website.

  • Supra-Women-Society Supra-Women-Society
  • Supra-Women-Wrap Supra-Women-Wrap
  • Supra-Women-A-Morir Supra-Women-A-Morir
  • Supra-Women-Skytop-2 Supra-Women-Skytop-2
  • Belay Belay
  • Supra-Women-Skytop Supra-Women-Skytop

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