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Style For Less: Skull Bracelets


Skulls are all the rage recently. This is largely in part to Alexander Mcqueen skull rings and Scarfs. If your looking to add some skull flare to your wardrobe but are unable to afford the delights of Mcqueen, check out Biana Milov’s Jewlery. She is a miami based designer and the bracelets are made of African Beads.  They are super cute and the price makes them even better!

Get ‘em Here: 
Skull Bracelet, Bianca Milov Jewelry, $20

Style Watch: Printed Sunglasses


The #1 summer accessory is are the Shades! Lately, sunglasses are getting very unique and out of the box.  If your in the market to make your shades stand out you gotta pick up a pair of printed sunglasses! These sunglasses by no means are meant to replace your classic glasses  (wayfarers, cat-eye & aviators) but the would be a great addition to the family.

Don’t understand the printed sunglasses trend? Think of it like this: Sunglasses are an accessory and just like we have statement necklaces and rings… sunglasses are no exception!

Products: 1. $11.99 at Modcloth, 2. $5.80 at Charlotte Russe, 3. $39.99 at Modcloth, 4. $5.80 at Forever 21, 5. $9.99 at PacSun, 6. $12.00 at Fred Flare, 7. $32.00 at Topshop, 8. $5.50 at Charlotte Russe

Style Watch:Pierre Hardy 1 multi color sandal wedges


Recently, Actress Kate Beckinsale was strutting in a sick pair of Pierre Hardy Canvas wedges. The wedges go for an easy $695. The platform wedges are adorned with and adjustable ankle strap and buckle. I love the wedges the fact they are canvas make me love them more!  Just like Kate they can be work with a monochromatic neutral outfit, to add color or  they would also look nice with jeans and cute top!

Style Shop: Olori SWANK


While cursing through the web aka the mall! lol I found these cool and amazing earrings. They are super lightweight despite their appearance and there will only be 10 of them made. So if you want ‘em you got to get ‘em quick! and the price isn’t bad either they can be yours for just $45. Tip: When wearing a bold piece, whether it be a necklace, earrings or even an item of clothing, its important to let that piece shine. Don’t over do .Want to know where to get them… Continue Reading below

Monif C Plus Size Spring Collection


One of the hottest designers for plus sized ladies is Monif C. The collection is true to the Monif C Brand of sexy, vibrant sty lings for ladies with more to love.  I must say the spring collections looks really good. That white ruched dressed its the BUSINESS.

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Style Watch: Badacious Earrings



Saw a Picture of Adrienne Bailon and the earrings she was rocking were most certainly a Statement Piece. After  Some reseach I found out the making the earrings and they have host of other AWESOME finds. Adrienne paired the earrings with a simple white tank and denim shorts with a cute of $36 1991 earrings by New York brased brand Badacious