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Fashion Meets Spoken Word!


If any of you guys are in the Boston, Ma Area and looking for something to do… BC3 Entertainment Group is having an event on December 5th from 7:30-11pm.  Its call Lyric Couture and it features preformances by Ashley Rose, Rudy , and Erik Andrade. The show is described as fashion meeting spoken word! If your feel check out and come vibe with me! Hope to see you there!




Makeup Bag: Highlight and Contouring Like Kim Kardashian


If your familiar with The Style Rundown or follow me on Instagram(@londonkimble) you know I love all things makeup. By no means am I am I a  lady who wears makeup everyday, I just have too much to do in one day. Although my days maybe filled to the brim I’m still a makeup lover and studier.  Regardless of how you make feel about her, Kim Kardashian’s makeup is ALWAYS on point. Recently, on her blog she gave us a glimpse of how she achiever her high cheekbones and exotic look with the use of make up.

Contouring is a makeup technique that utilizes concealer or non shimmer bronzer to help change the shape of your face. It can elongate your profile, raise your cheekbones, soften, make your nose smaller, etc. When done correctly, contouring accentuates the positive attributes of your facial features and gives you a ready for the camera look. Contouring combined with highlighting allows for you to change the shape and highlight the features you want to highlight.

The pro contouring  and highlight was done by makeup impresario Scott Barnes, and he takes us through the contouring process with Kim, displaying how she goes from reg to fab!

Check out the pictures below:

Style Watch: Miguel Le Specs Sunglasses


One of my favorite singers right now is Miguel. He recently present the visuals for his single “Do You” which is off his second album Kaleidoscope Dream, released earlier this week. This video is ULTRA sexy( features his girlfriend) and Miguel rocked a pair of Le Specs by Henry Holland.  The Muffin Top Round sunglasses retails for ($89). Miguel’s 1st self titled c.d. holds down the #1 spot in my cd changer… I’m hoping Kaleidoscope Dream does the same.

Check out the Video and additional pics of the specs below!

Hair: How To Do Pretzel Braid


1. First start with dry hair and then use the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo and spray it on the roots from a 6 to 7 inch distance, dividing the hair in one inch wide sections to give the braid the necessary texture for it not to be slippery.

2. After using the dry shampoo, separate hair into two sections and make two pigtails, using rubber bands. Make them a bit higher up on your head in the back section.

3. Now, braid the two pigtails and secure them with a transparent hair band. Then, cut the top rubber bands from the pigtails, so only the ones that are holding the braids together remain.

4. Cross one braid over the other. Starting with the braid that’s now on top, create sort of a “C” shape and pin. It doesn’t have to be precise, you just want to have a nice curve shape from the braid.

5. Repeat the same step by making the same curved shape with the other braid and pin. Curve it up and over the top of the braid you just pinned down.

6. Ultimately, you want to get a nice sort of pretzel or knot shape from the two braids. Tuck the ends of both braids behind the knot and pink them down securely.

7. To maintain the updo, spray some Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Extra Hold Hairspray.

Beauty: Sparkling Spa Honey Scrub- D.I.Y


Here is a recipe for a home-made facial scrub, it’s from a book I received called Return to Beauty. The recipe calls for 3 ingredients and left my skin feeling nice and moist. This scrub is perfect for the cold winter months when your skin is feeling dry and dehydrated… but I decided to do it as part of my Spring Rejuvenation plan. Here’s the recipe:

1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon mineral water
Preparation: In a small bowl, combine the sugar and honey. Add the mineral water and mix well.
Application: Using your fingers, gently scrub your face with this for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. You can use this scrub in the shower. (I chose to use it in the shower since it can get kinda messy with the honey).

*Be sure you are not allergic to any of these ingredients before using. Also before using on your face, dab a small amount on your wrist to check for any adverse reactions*