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Style Watch: Printed Suits


The printed suit is everywhere this season. Wear the blazer and pants together or separate and create many different looks! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when putting together a printed outfit to prevent looking like bad gift wrap.

The Printed Suit Styling Rules:

  1. Make sure the pants are fitted. This shouldn’t be too hard to stick by, since most printed pants in stores now are cut similarly.
  2. Choose a soft and sophisticated blouse in a solid neutral color to pair with the pants.
  3. Make sure the jacket fits well but isn’t too tight. It’s best to have a little room to move around.
  4. Keep accessories to a bare minimum and hair pulled back and out of the way. You want to give off a polished finish that offsets the wilder print of the suit.
  5. That goes for shoes and clutches as well, keep it really simple.

But absolutely, under no circumstances, forget to wear heels. OK, ready to steal this look from the runway?

Go Shopping:


Makeup Bag: Highlight and Contouring Like Kim Kardashian


If your familiar with The Style Rundown or follow me on Instagram(@londonkimble) you know I love all things makeup. By no means am I am I a  lady who wears makeup everyday, I just have too much to do in one day. Although my days maybe filled to the brim I’m still a makeup lover and studier.  Regardless of how you make feel about her, Kim Kardashian’s makeup is ALWAYS on point. Recently, on her blog she gave us a glimpse of how she achiever her high cheekbones and exotic look with the use of make up.

Contouring is a makeup technique that utilizes concealer or non shimmer bronzer to help change the shape of your face. It can elongate your profile, raise your cheekbones, soften, make your nose smaller, etc. When done correctly, contouring accentuates the positive attributes of your facial features and gives you a ready for the camera look. Contouring combined with highlighting allows for you to change the shape and highlight the features you want to highlight.

The pro contouring  and highlight was done by makeup impresario Scott Barnes, and he takes us through the contouring process with Kim, displaying how she goes from reg to fab!

Check out the pictures below:

Style Watch: Faux Leather Leggings


Photos: Gwen Stefani via Pacific Coast News, Street Style via ELLE, Helmut Lang Fall 2012 Runway via ELLE

Leather leggings are a fun, trendy and chic way of stepping on the wild side. Its also a way to switching up the boring traditional legging for something a little more stylish.  There are different ways to get the Leather legging look, there are real leather options, waxed denin, faux leather pants and rubber options. Check out some style for less options below.

How to Create The Pefect Ballerina Bun – Hair


One hair style that is all the rage is the the Ballerina Bun! It can be the perfect complement to a chic outfit… but it also can be playful and girly. Best of all its super easy! Have trouble creating the perfect bun… look no further  courtesy of Boston.com here are some tip w/ pic to have you bun reading in no time!





Directions: 1. Spray a thickening product throughout the entire head and pull hair into a high ponytail on the very top of the head. Tie with a dark or clear elastic.
2. Take a small, finger-sized section of the ponytail and backcomb/ tease to create lots of volume. Continue to do this in small sections, working your way through the entire ponytail.
3. Take the “volumized” ponytail and loosely wrap it around the elastic. Secure on all sides with hair pins and spray entire head with hair spray

Style ?s answered: How to Build A Wardrobe


Julianne from Texas writes ” How can I have a wardrobe on a budget?”

Answer: Here’s what I do.I Invest in a few new pieces each season and build the rest of my wardrobe around them. I’ve always been a fan of mixing high and low end items together, there nothing wrong with it. Nowadays I see celebs wearing whatever they like(Forever 21, Zara) despite the price tag . and Lastly, I use accessories to update my wardrobe its fun & affordable too!

How To: 5 Ways To Rock Shorts With Tights

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m Sure you’ve seen the shorts with tights look. Its a great way to use existing item in your wardrobe for a new look!  If you wanna try this look here are some tips, but be sure just like any outfit your body adorns be sure to rock with CONFIDENCE BABY! So don’t be afraid to pair shorts and tights to create amazing, one of a kind outfits. Continue reading for Tips and pics!

Style For Less: Striped Fedora $15

One of my summer must-haves is definitely a fedora. I love hats, and want to incorporate them more in my wardrobe. For an instant summer look, pair yours with a summer dress or jean shorts for a barbecue with friends. They can also help cover up a bad hair day.

Where to buy: 
Striped Fedora, Forever 21, $12

Hair: How To Do Pretzel Braid


1. First start with dry hair and then use the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo and spray it on the roots from a 6 to 7 inch distance, dividing the hair in one inch wide sections to give the braid the necessary texture for it not to be slippery.

2. After using the dry shampoo, separate hair into two sections and make two pigtails, using rubber bands. Make them a bit higher up on your head in the back section.

3. Now, braid the two pigtails and secure them with a transparent hair band. Then, cut the top rubber bands from the pigtails, so only the ones that are holding the braids together remain.

4. Cross one braid over the other. Starting with the braid that’s now on top, create sort of a “C” shape and pin. It doesn’t have to be precise, you just want to have a nice curve shape from the braid.

5. Repeat the same step by making the same curved shape with the other braid and pin. Curve it up and over the top of the braid you just pinned down.

6. Ultimately, you want to get a nice sort of pretzel or knot shape from the two braids. Tuck the ends of both braids behind the knot and pink them down securely.

7. To maintain the updo, spray some Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Extra Hold Hairspray.

How To Mix Prints

mixed prints11

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe is to mix your prints. This look can be tricky but is an amazing tool for creating and revamping your wardrobe once you have mastered the techniques. Continue reading for tips on how to to mix prints!

Get These Curls : Nume 4 Play Curling Wand Review-Video


Need help curling you hair? These Nume Wands are the ANSWER!

Nume Link: http://www.numeonline.com/shop/products/4-Play.html
Glam Bag: http://www.myglam.com/the_bag

Beauty ?’s Answered: How To Make Eye Shadow Bright and Vibrant


Sarah sent us and email asking : When I finish my eye makeup it won’t seem as bright. Like when I use bright blue it won’t see as bright blue. How can I make it bright? And last long for about 8 hours?

Thank you Sarah for your question, here’s the answer : I would say use a good quality primer, such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or Urban Decay Primer Potion :) The good thing about these two Primers is that they are really good quality, they increase the vibrancy of your eye shadows, preventing creasing and of course, make them last really long! Another good thing is that both these primers come in matte and shimmery finishes in a few shades of colours so you can match it perfectly to your skintone or texture preference. I will attach some links for you to check out these products :) Alternatively, you could use a white cream based product such as NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils ( WHICH I LOVE!!! ) in Milk and Black Bean, which has a white base – this is going to make your eyeshadow brighter, as colour over a white base increases vibrancy! The NYX pencil will also help your eyeshadow stick better, so there’s less creasing and longer wear.

Good luck! Hope I helped! ♥ London

P.S – Both these Primers are relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to spend your savings on a Primer instead of pretty eyeshadows and other makeup! :)

P.S.S – If you want extra longwear, try using a setting spray such as Model in a Bottle Setting Spray or MAC’s FixPlus. However, these are rather pricey (although it’s just a suggestion!) Also, try using eyeshadow that isn’t too cheap and that is good quality, as this will also improve the wear and brightness of your makeup!

Too faced   

Urban Decay


How To Wear A Tee Shirt The Stylish Way


Do you have a favorite graphic tee or just a super comfy one that you would love to wear while looking fab and stylish?? Well here’s your solution. We have compiled some great tips on how to rock your favorite T.

1. Try adding a Jacket. The is one of the easy ways to spruce up your favorite T-Shirt…. dont have a jacket you feel works cardigans are a good alternative!

For more tips continue reading!