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Style Muse: Sara Jessica Parker Inspired


Style Muse is back! Style Muse is where a photo inspires a look! From this photo of Sara Jessica Parker I was inspired to create a sleek stylish Sex In The City Look!

Check it out!

Style Muse

In Style Muse a well take picture inspires and outfit!

Style Muse: Urban Skateboarder


Check out this outfit inspired by a photo entitled Urban Skateboarder

Style Muse is our way of Bridging the Gap between Fashion and Photography!

Pierre Hardy Limited Edition Dapperama Kicks – Men


Check out Pierre Hardy limited edition Dapperama sneakers ($541). These sneakers are multicolored with an urban feel, but Pierre Hardy isn’t done there… the sneaker also has elements from golf shoes!The fringe tabs and Velcro make this shoe great for golf course or the concrete runway! What do you think of the shoe?

Style Muse


Here and outfit inspired by this blue and purple painting. Check it out! Let me know what you think!

Style Muse


Want to know where to get these threads? Continue Reading…

Covered: Chanel Iman For Foam Magazine


One of my favorite model of today is Chanel Iman. She has Commercial and high end appeal. Check out her photoshoot spead in foam magazine.

Inspired: “Styled By June Ambrose”


I must say that VH1 is one of my favorite TV stations and I’m excited to advised that yet another show dedicated to fashion and style is debuting soon. “Styled by June” debuts in March on VH1. As some of you may know June Ambrose is an amazing celebrity stylist, making some of our favorite celebs look FAB, like Mary J. Blige, Jason Derulo, Swizz Beats and Jay-Z! The show will follow Ambrose as she continues to guide and style her heart out. June’s personal style always looks full of life and color…which we LOVE!  Her attention to small detail and ‘no fear’ attitude when it comes to fashion is inspiring!  Always looking radiant and fresh, there’s no doubt the constant Tweeter will add to her already 300,000 followers. For all that are going to watch…stay tuned and let me know what you think!


Ambrose resides in New York with her manager husband and two children.

Absolutely love the multicolored threading in her blazer!

A quick RunDown of her look: Keeping a color scheme always adds polish and class and killer heals are a must! If your going to wear any type of shall, pairing it with a solid color underneath is smart, it keeps the outfit from looking too ‘busy’. Her cherry red lipstick adds a pop of color and her top hat adds flare, two key elements to any ensemble! Lastly accessorize like you normally would by adding more touches of red or stay in the lines with the black and white scheme.


Source: VH1.com

Images: Google;June Ambrose

Style Muse: Whitney Houston


In the wake of her passing The Style Rundown wanted to dedicate this week’s style muse to Whitney Houston. We’ve created some Fashion looks inspired by her videos/ Memorable pictures. Whitney may you rest in Peace.




Inspired: Ansel Adams

ansel adams..tree

As most of you already know the great Ansel Adams only shot his photos in black and white.  But looking at this photo below you can understand that some subjects are better with out color.  Shooting something in black  and white allows other elements to truly come through in a picture.  Here you can see the shadow, contrast in the grey’s and whites as well as the texture of the tree (tree pix by Adams). Taking pictures outside requires little to no flash depending on the strength of the natural light your already getting. Taking multiple shots is also important in the respect that you can often see the change in the shift of the natural sunlight and maybe on your third or fourth try you will get the perfect shot that speaks to you! A native of San Francisco Ansel Adams was not only an amazing photographer but a passionate environmentalist as well. Discovering his passion for photographing nature, Adams often used the fruit of the land to his advantage “colored and modulated by the great earths gesture”.  Nature doesn’t charge you per hour to have it photographed….so take a hike with your camera and send me what you come up with!


Style Muse: Dr. Martin Luther King & Coretta Scott King


It Friday so you know what that means… Style Muse time! To continually Honor Dr. Martin Luther King and his accomplishments here are two looks for Men(Dr.King) and Women(Coretta Scott King) alllll while keeping the color scheme of Black and White. Thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King sacrifices Black and White is more and more just the color of clothes &  less about the colors that divide mankind.   Happy Friday!