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Spring Trend: Floral Jeans


Floral print jeans are super trendy this season. Celebrity fashionistas like Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo have recently been spotted rocking the trend. You can find floral jeans in all price ranges.

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Vanessa Simmons Launches Lingerie line: Rose by Vanessa Jean


Vanessa Simmons Announces Rose by Vanessa Jean from Rose by Vanessa Jean on Vimeo.

Vanessa Simmons 1/2 of the pastry shoe  empire is embarking on a new fashion venture in the world of Lingerie.  The 28-year-old entrepreneur revealed that her goal is “to provide women with comfortable, stylish and sexy lingerie no matter what shape or size they are:

“It is my belief that with all we deal with as women, it is important that an item as intimate as lingerie reflects who we are as individuals. I believe ROSE by Vanessa Jean will offer just that – providing trendsetting glamor through our Naughty Lil’ Princess, Rock Your Sexy and Vintage Chic Collections. Turning the proverbial page of maturity with my fans is a journey I’m passionate about and look forward to taking together!”

She is also doing a Nationwide model search for Rose by Vanessa Jean watch the video below for more.

Answered: How To Pull Off Prep


We received a question from Zara from GA, wanting to know how to stylishly pull off a preppy inspired look without being too boring but still holding true to the preppy style. Here is an example of a great preppy outfit with flare.

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