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Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes


Maybelline has new nail lacquers on the market. 40 to be exact. And of course I’m all giddy about it because well, what’s NOT to get excited about? Affordable nail polish is SO hot right now. I’ve been spying Maybelline Color Show stands at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart and most are retailing for less than $3.99. And if you wait for a sale, you may be able to snag them for Buy 1, get 1 50%. Yeeeeep!

The 40 polishes range in color (obviously) and finishes. In fact, I’m pretty sure Maybelline has covered quite a wide spectrum of popular and trendy nail polish shades. You’ll definitely find something you like. I’ve got 6 of ‘em here to show off

Style Watch: Ombre Trend


A recent trend that has be reemerging is the Ombre! Ombre’s definition is a color effect which is changeable in shade from light to dark.


This trend was most recently popularized in hair :

Kiki Palmer                 Style maven @thomasadrianna    Shanae Grimes

Now the ombre trends are hitting nails! It can be done two ways the 1st is each color has a different shade of one color family. Starting with the darkest on the thumb going light and lighter until you reach your pinkie.  The 2nd way is all on 1 finger… the darkest shade will fade in the lighter on one one nail.

1st technique

2nd technique

The spring Ombre trends in clothing will be a fun fresh way to spunk up  outfits.

Style Watch: Nail Art Aztec


A trend in clothing is making its way to out nail. The Aztec design if full of fun vibrant colors with great shapes. I love the look and will most certainly try it this summer. Check out the picture below and tell me what you think!


Photo Credit:  Photo 1: SupaNails.com, Photo2: http://awkwardelevatorrides.tumblr.com