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Endless Possibilities With ALDO- Women&Men

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Aldo is my home for this seasons spring accessories. Pile on the pretty and sparkly things this spring/summer and be the chic that everyone asks “where did you get that”? Aldo is known for selling two things: shoes and accessories both for men and women, and they do that very well! Below are some jewelry ideas that might spark your creative spot when styling your next outfit.

Oversized statement jewelry….super cute and super affordable! $25-40

Pastel cocktail rings, great when wearing cream, light yellow, greens and browns! $15-25

Night or Day bag! LOVE it! $40

OMG!!!! HADDD to show this gem I found ($70)! Ok back to our regular scheduled program……

Guys…I didn’t forget about you, six packs come one come all! Here are some killer looks for the fellas. High top combat boots are great with kaki or army colored pants. Pair that with your favorite flannel and or cardigan. Layer if you like for warmth and or added color.  Below are some great finds for mens shoes!  Guys…you like to see us in heels…sometimes we like when you sep out of your sneakers and into something more sophisticated too!

Mens shoes collection $60-110

Boat shoes and rolled pants on the rise! Instantly prep your look with these two simple alterations and additions to your wardrobe. P.S. ALDO watch!

ALDO has created a unisex fragrance…..it actually smells AMAZING! If your not sure..grab a test size! Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Accessorize Your Little Heart Out: Eva Mendes Always Gets an A+ From Us!

The always beautiful Eva wears her statement piece all too well as she walks the Red Carpet. One perectly pieced pasted number is sometimes all you need!

 The always beautiful Eva Mendes wears her statement piece like a prize as she walks down the Red Carpet. One perectly pieced pastel number is sometimes all you need!