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Style Muse: Sara Jessica Parker Inspired


Style Muse is back! Style Muse is where a photo inspires a look! From this photo of Sara Jessica Parker I was inspired to create a sleek stylish Sex In The City Look!

Check it out!

Photography Of The Style Rundown: W2C Shed Session


Hey guys! The photography and video crew of The Style Rundown were invited to cover a wonderful meeting of the musicians for a shed session! Check out the photos below and more after the jump including videos (scroll to the very bottom 4 vids) !

Want copies of these pictures? email: london@thestylerundown.com

Style Muse: Urban Skateboarder


Check out this outfit inspired by a photo entitled Urban Skateboarder

Style Muse is our way of Bridging the Gap between Fashion and Photography!

Burberry Fall/Winter 2012 Ad Campaign


Recently, Burberry has released  their Fall 2012 ad campaign photos. This years photos are very different from the ones we’ve seen in the past. Normally, the British label celebrates all things British and the brand’s heritage. From a photography stand point this is Burberry’s most cinematic shoot to date. It features a new cast of rising British stars like Roo Panes and Gabriella Wilde, shot in the iconic Royal Naval College in Greenwich London.

 Picture Credit: © Copyright Burberry/Testino





Photography: Hot Spot’s To Snap Your Pix This Summer




Here are a few suggestions on some great places to venture out with your camera.  One of my favorite places to not only take picture but just to be would be the city.  Filled with diverse people and an aray of various outlooks, a city (perhaps Boston above) would be a fantastic place to walk around and see what captures your eye.  I can’t imagine that after wondering around downtown or the North End that you would leave empty handed!  Note: When walking around such a crowed area, I suggest that you make you have a lanyard around your camera so that you can hang it from you neck if need be!

Photo Credit: Alex Turner Photography

If your not really comfortable with the city and rather go more green, consider maybe talking a walk through your local park.  Not only is that exercise, but working with natural elements, I find more stimulating in a sense that it requires more patients for you to notice something ‘picture worthy’.  In a way it kind of trains your eye to think out of the box and try and to view something in an abstract way.


Lastly, who do you know that doesn’t like a good carnival?  Well if you don’t have to drag our little brother or sister around then your local carnival or fair can have some great photo opportunities waiting for you.  Alive and thriving with all the bright colors and lights, those elements alone can make for a really great picture.  Make sure you have your shutter speed high so you can catch the fast pace movement of the rides and people.


Source: Google images

New and Improved: Aperture 3 for MacBooks



This has to be the coolest software that has ever been created! I am completely head over heels for everything that you can accomplish from behind your computer screen!  The new Aperture 3 has the ability to make all your photo dreams come true.  Mac makes it easy to import, organize perfect and enhance your photos.  This software also allows you to retouch, showcase your skills and even upload directly to Flickr and Facebook with no sweat.  I recently bought a Mac and I’m still in awe with everything that’s is capable of.  I purchased it mainly to utilize the Aperture software and have been shopping around to compare prices and this is what I came up with: Amazon $178 Used $130 and retail Apple stores $200

You’re the boss behind the overall masterpiece. Make adjustments to light and dark, filter, tone, even eye color!  If you’re looking for something that can really up the ante on your craft..this is it!


Source: Google; Apple

Quick Tip: Buying Suggestions

cannon digital camera

If your contemplating buying a new camera for your photography endeavors I suggest that you first ask your self the following questions: What level of photography do you aspire to progress? Basic beginner, Pro or intermediate?  Then ask how much you are willing to spend. $300 $400??  With those questions and answers floating in your head, heres what helped me narrow it down.  Below you have the Nikon D-90 $400 is available at Amazon.com and Best Buy for your lowest prices. I wouldn’t suggest buying a used one for one reason only, you don’t know how well some one took care of the camera because looks can be deceiving!  The Nikon, Cannon and Sony digital cameras are user friendly and easy to manage. If you’re trying to pursue something a little more professional, you would want to dive into something along the lines of the a Nikon D-90 $900-950.  This price is just for the body alone. I know, I know its a bit much, but you get what you pay for…its’s a great investment! I have a Nikon my self, although not digital but its still the best camera i’ve ever used. For my less elaborate pictures I carry around my Nikon CoolPix power shot camera for fun nights on the town or use it capture someone wearing something fierce! The digital cameras below will run you anywhere from $140-200. Happy Buying!

Inspired: Ansel Adams

ansel adams..tree

As most of you already know the great Ansel Adams only shot his photos in black and white.  But looking at this photo below you can understand that some subjects are better with out color.  Shooting something in black  and white allows other elements to truly come through in a picture.  Here you can see the shadow, contrast in the grey’s and whites as well as the texture of the tree (tree pix by Adams). Taking pictures outside requires little to no flash depending on the strength of the natural light your already getting. Taking multiple shots is also important in the respect that you can often see the change in the shift of the natural sunlight and maybe on your third or fourth try you will get the perfect shot that speaks to you! A native of San Francisco Ansel Adams was not only an amazing photographer but a passionate environmentalist as well. Discovering his passion for photographing nature, Adams often used the fruit of the land to his advantage “colored and modulated by the great earths gesture”.  Nature doesn’t charge you per hour to have it photographed….so take a hike with your camera and send me what you come up with!


Take Notes: Back To Basics


Welcome! I hope you all enjoy the newest addition to the blog as we explore the world of photography. I’m going to start this out by just listing some basic tips that are important to keep in mind when behind the camera. First when taking a picture inside or out, you always want to make sure that the light is always behind you. When photographing people, if possible try to stay away from artificial and fluorescent light. Its took harsh on the face and tends to not bring out the natural features. Secondly, if you don’t have a tripod, use anything else to keep the camera still while you shoot. Camera shake was one of hurdles that I had to overcome in my college photo class. You will find that when the camera has a surface to sit on, your picture will come out more clear and focused because camera shake is now eliminated from the equation. Start with these two tips and let me know how you make out! Remember don’t be shy on asking questions. Good luck!

Style Muse: Muted Vouge Cover


For this weeks Style Muse  is a muted Vouge Cover.

With this high neck dress… I would shorten the length of the skirt a bit  to add some skin and sexy.

What do you think?


Style Muse: Blue Drapery


Here The Style Rundown we love fashion and style but another love of our is photography. I saw this picture and instantly fell in love and was instantly inspired for and galm outfit out ideas. Check it out… what do you think?