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Style Fresh: Leanna Sara from Boston


For this weeks Style Fresh we have Leanna Sarah from Boston. She’s an Aries which contributes to her personality: She’s opinionated and easy going.

Leanna Sarah says her personal style is very versatile, it usual depends on her mood. She likes to dress girly with a flare of masculinity. She says” I’m not into whats in but rather what I’m into.” She has  many sides to her closet. She also says “I love to be classy while avoiding avoiding being trashy.” She also describes her style as ” Urban but sophisticated, playful yet womanly. I’m all about self expression which is why I love tattoos.”

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Style Fresh: Miguel Perdomo for Patterson, NJ





For this week’s Style Fresh we have Mr. Miguel Perdomo hailing for Patterson NJ via Washington Heights. Miguel entered in the modeling world by accident. He more into music and hanging but one day he was handed an opportunity he could refuse! He landed a worldwide Alcohol Beverage campaign that gave his face worldwide exposure. After landing his first campaign, there was no doubt that Miguel Perdomo was ready to focus and take the modeling industry seriously. He immediately landed the COOGI Jeans campaign for their Spring and Fall collection. It followed by the nationwide campaign of AZZURE’ Denim, which allowed for Miguel to start becoming a familiar face in the pages of national publications and billboards abroad.

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Style Fresh- Dena from Boston,Ma


For this week’s spotlight we have Dena also know as Rocket from Boston, Ma.  Dena describes her style as an Urban Rocker.

Style Fresh: Karla – Reader Spotlight























For this weeks Style Fresh reader spotlight we have Karla from Massachusetts! Shes a student and aspiring model.  To see and learn more about Karla  turn the page for MORE!