Take Notes: Back To Basics


Welcome! I hope you all enjoy the newest addition to the blog as we explore the world of photography. I’m going to start this out by just listing some basic tips that are important to keep in mind when behind the camera. First when taking a picture inside or out, you always want to make sure that the light is always behind you. When photographing people, if possible try to stay away from artificial and fluorescent light. Its took harsh on the face and tends to not bring out the natural features. Secondly, if you don’t have a tripod, use anything else to keep the camera still while you shoot. Camera shake was one of hurdles that I had to overcome in my college photo class. You will find that when the camera has a surface to sit on, your picture will come out more clear and focused because camera shake is now eliminated from the equation. Start with these two tips and let me know how you make out! Remember don’t be shy on asking questions. Good luck!

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