Umoja Impact Fashion Show


On Saturday night 2/25 we here at The Style Rundown had the pleasure of attending 25th Annual Umoja Impact Fashion Show presented by Boston University’s Black Student Union. We have the show fully covered. Chifon Marie Reeder coordinated a great show. The host Kao Vanny was witty, sincere and tried her hardest to get the crowd engaged. BU’s Black Student Union represented well. The crowd was filled with fashionable spectators who came to get their fashion appetites satisfied.


The 1st designer was Dri by Adrianna and it was a little underwhelming. Many of the garments seemed a little unfinished.  There was one long blue number  that sparked my interests. Check out some of Dri by Adrianna below.


[cincopa AEKAw0KwclSQ]


The next designer to hit the runway was Sparkle T. I liked the vibrant colors and  tailor made looks. I enjoyed the performer Mackenzie Green singing and interacting with the girls as they strutted down the runway.

[cincopa AQMAm0qYd90u]


Here a video of the performance :

Designer Claude Sanon shined this evening. His brand is Royal Thread. His pieces are well made and the line had a cohesive theme. While watching the line I was picking out item for my boyfriend, secretly wishing that there were items for me! Check out some of the Rowing line looks below.

[cincopa AsMAm1qycdCY]

Perpetual Anastasia was up next. Shes a designer of accessories and make-up. The items were exquisitely made. Check out some of  the looks below.

[cincopa AUPAo06jddr6]

The next designer was just as amazing as Mr. Sanon. It is Bondij by Blond Di. I enjoyed every piece and wanted each one in my size. The clothes were beautifully executed and the vibrant colors popped of the runways. In the month of march check back in  for more on this amazing designer.

[cincopa A0AAy2qMcFkX]


All in All it was  a great night!


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